If I need to be in the hospital, where would I go?

Our doctors use St Anthony’s Memorial Hospital in Effingham if an admission is needed.

How do I know my Doctor is qualified?

All of our Physicians are Board Certified. All maintain privileges at St Anthony’s Memorial 

Hospital which carefully monitors its physicians and compares them to national standards. All 

meet state and federal requirements for licensing and continuing medical education.

I am not getting anywhere with my problem. What should I do?

Please ask to speak to the office manager or a nurse. Please be frank about your problem. 

Perhaps we did not understand the issue. Perhaps we can help with a second opinion.

My insurance may not pay for this test/treatment and I may not be able to afford it. 

What to do?

This is a problem. Your Doctor wants to get you healthy in the safest, quickest way and your 

insurance may not pay for or even cover this. Talk to both your Doctor and insurance company 

about alternatives.

I can’t pay my bill but I don’t want to be turned over to a collection agency.

Call the billing office; we are glad to set up a reasonable payment plan.