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Thank you Hank!!

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Looking for a new provider?

If you are finding yourself looking for a new provider, please check our website for a list of insurance carriers..

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Small Social Gatherings Safety Tips

As your getting together with your small groups please keep the information attached in mind.

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COVID VS Flu VS Allergies

Now that allergy season is amoung us we wanted to provide you with little help to distinguish the difference between..

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We are now offering TeleHealth

Please contact your clinic to schedule an appointment with your provider using telehealth. This is a convenient way to connect..

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Are you washing your hands correctly?

Washing your hands is easy, and it’s one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of germs. Clean..

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Now is not the time to panic, this is a time to evaluate & prepare. We are attaching a few..

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What do I bring to the visit?

Please review the 4 important items to help you better prepare for your next doctors appointment.

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What’s a “Med-Check”

Have you ever been told by your pharmacist that your physician office is requesting a “med check ” appointment be..

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There has been so much talk of immunizations lately. Now with the kids back in school & the upcoming flu..

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